How-to-judge lecture     An mp3 file for new parent judges: learn everything on your iPod!

How to judge LD     This is a general written guide to LD judging, aimed at parents and newcomers.

Sample flow     A one-page layout of what the flow of the round looks like. This is the recommended setup for parent/lay judges (debaters usually prefer to flow on multiple pages).

How to assign speaker points This is a realistic guide to assigning points that will work just about all of the time.

How to be a better parent judge   Written by one of our parents, this explains better than anything why you should get involved in your students' most important extracurricular activity.

Sample LD ballot     This will often come with all the data already filled in about who's debating whom. You just have to put in who won and why.

How to be a better LD student judge     Aimed at college students (and to some extent varsity high schoolers); how to render good, careful decisions.

Public Forum   The latest instructions from the NFL.

Sample PF ballot    This is what one looks like. The actual ballot may be slightly different (this one is provided by the NFL) but the gist is similar.

How to judge speech (CFL style).   From the NYCFL website, everything you need to know about speech events.

How to assign points in speech.   From the NYCFL website, everything you need to know about speech points.

An easy series of videos to help you judge speech events.