Welcome to jimmenick.com, home base for a variety of materials (mostly) created and (except for the disorganized parts) organized by Jim Menick. (The immediate use of multiple parentheses guarantees that this site is genuine Menick from start to finish.) Use of this site is simple. Just click on your area of interest, go forth and conquer. You can learn more the author of this page in my bio, and find links to communicate with me or follow me on my blog, Twitter and the like.

The writing page is the starting point for everything from my blog, Coachean Life, to my fiction, including linkage to Amazon through which you can put the odd dollar into my pocket by purchasing, say, a copy of Lingo. (No, I won't lend it to you to read it for free. There's plenty of other free stuff around here; let's not get greedy.) Also included there is my library of debate materials, most of which is, I think, still relatively useful. All of this debate material is made available to anyone who wants it. Sharing is encouraged. I created it to help people out. Feel free to have at it.

Audio links to a number of different materials I've recorded alone or with others, including the legendary high school debate soap opera Nostrum, and the occasional debate podcast, The View from Tab.

Although I am no longer coaching a team, I am still very active running and tabbing tournaments. In fact, tournament direction is probably the one thing I know as much about as anyone, and more than most. I have created a Tournament Director's Toolkit and placed it on my old forensics page. If you are thinking of running a tournament, or want to know the best practices, or are just curious about how the machine runs, have a look.

The schedule is kept separate because to many people in the region it is the main source of what's happening in forensics, as well as occasionally an uncensored and perhaps overly opinionated discussion of same. This schedule was originally created for the Hen Hud team, no member of which has ever consulted it in the entire history of Hen Hud, going back at least to the 19th Century. It is doubtful if any of the Hen Hud team members were ever even aware of its existence. Now that I no longer coach them, they're probably consulting it on a daily basis, but I have, for obvious reasons, removed the Hudcentric material. As long as I'm still tabbing tournaments, though, I'll be keeping it going.