Nostrum Series One

The Audios

This is the complete set of podcasts that were recorded for Series One. There are about twice as many written episodes, so clean your glasses and get cracking after you listen to all of these. (Please note that alternate titles here, from the original html head tags, are even less germane than the titles of the pdfs.)

Episode One: What's Opera, Doc?

Episode Two: Opera and At 'em

Episode Three: Come Opera and See Me Sometime

Episode Four: Opera Winfrey

Episode Five: Opera to No Good

Episode Six: Opera Yours

Episode Seven: Opera the Down Staircase

Episode Eight: Opie, Opus, Opera

Episode Nine: Opera buffo, Biff

Episode Ten: What Goes Opera Must Come Down

Episode Eleven: Opera Tune Itty Knox

Episode Twelve: Going Opera?

Episode Thirteen: A Mite at the Opera

Episode Fourteen: Pagliacci? Oh, he's eating lunch in Cafeteria Rusticana

Episode Fifteen: Uma? Opera.

Episode Sixteen: Opera Lazy River

Episode Seventeen: Dwarf Conductors (Is that an opera pun, Vlad?)

Episode Eighteen: Etta Et an Opera at an Operetta?

Episode Nineteen: And You Call Yourself a Valkyrie?

Episode Twenty:Habanera. Hab two while you're at it.

Episode Twenty-One: And you call yourself a Flying Dutchman?

Episode Twenty-Two: In which we Definitely go near the Borders of the Family Viewing Hour

Episode Twenty-Three: Hi-ho, the Glamorous Life

Episode Twenty-Four: We called our dog Elton John because he was the pianist

Episode Twenty-Five: Yes, I like your ami, dear

Episode Twenty-Six: If music be the food of love, I'll have fries with that.

Episode Twenty-Seven: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

Episode Twenty-Eight: Bring some more coal, porter!

Episode Twenty-Nine: I want to live with a cinnamon bun.

Episode Thirty: Until next week, the balcony is closed.

Episode Thirty-One: I hate men!

Episode Thirty-Two: "It's an honor just to be nominated." Yeah. Right.

32-B: Special edition Readings from the epistles of St. Jude to the Forensicians.

Episode Thirty-Three: Well, it beats butterfly kisses.

Episode Thirty-Four: You Light Up My Life.

Episode Thirty-Five: Not to mention the archbishopric...

Episode Thirty-Six: No nose for news, Newt?

Episode Thirty-Seven: Please, Mr. Postman.

Episode Thirty-Eight: Song and Dance.

Episode Thirty-Nine: It's Dog Eat Dog Out There.

Episode Forty: You were expecting communion wafers?

Episode Forty-One: I Think Bing Crosby Would Have Been Good in the Part of Monsignor Lloyd.

Episode Forty-Two: Was that Loaf or Balls?

Episode Forty-Three: To Err is Human; To Coach is Divine

Episode Forty-Four: Apprenticed to a pi-lot, Shylock?

Episode Forty-Five: You Call This a Balcony Scene?

Episode Forty-Six: Tragedy Tomorrow, Soap Opera Tonight

Episode Forty-Seven: Shut Your Bloomin' Trap, Leopold!

Episode Forty-Eight: I'll Know When My Love Comes Along

Episode Forty-Nine: Don't Be So Rash, Omon

Episode Fifty: Eyes on the Prize. Or as they say at Mcdonalds, eyes on the fries.

Episode Fifty-One: I guess this makes the school bus the engine of love.

Episode Fifty-Two: Hey, Queequeg. Get a load of this!

Episode Fifty-Three: Bon chat, bon rat

Episode Fifty-Four: Good grief. More Sondheim? Will it never end?

Episode Fifty-Five: Pomo frites.

Episode Fifty-Six: Are you wearing tweed, Boss?

Episode Fifty-Seven: And you thought only the Catholics had a trinity.

Episode Fifty-Eight: We want to hear more about those Clinton disads.

Episode Fifty-Nine: April Fool's Day, and this is all we could come up with?

Episode Sixty: Paging Carmen Miranda!

Episode Sixty-One: But Mama has got a trio!

Episode Sixty-Two: Whoa! Another three-in-one! Thank you, masked man!

Episode Sixty-Three: Apres Seinfeld, le Nostrum?

Episode Sixty-Four: A Nostrum Quadruple Play -- Go Giants! Giants? GIANTS? You've Got to be Kidding.

Episode Sixty-Five: Don't forget other Henrys, not enough, and 1.5 less than a Fellini masterpiece.

Episode Sixty-Six: It must be a Greek thing.

Episode Sixty-Seven: I hear the Don's Ho is in Hawaii...

Episode Sixty-Eight: Wait till we try West Side Story!

Episode Sixty-Nine: Meet me at the soda fountainhead

Episode Seventy: You too can run a tournament. Unless you're from Stanford...

Episode Seventy-One: Oh, great. Another pointless Sinatra reference

Episode Seventy-Two: It takes one to screw up a tournament

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