Nostrum Series Three: The Combat of Conquerors

NCOC is available as both written and performed episodes. The audio is also available on iTunes. To separate N3_COC from the older episodes of N1 and N2, episodes begin with the number 3. We STRONGLY recommend that you start at the beginning. (We even stronglier recommend that you read Series 1 and 2 before even thinking about Series 3, but we know the kind of person you are and doubt that our pleas will fall on anything but the deafest of ears.)

  • Episode 1: Let the Games Begin It is opening day of the COC. And we learn its origin story. audio pdf
  • Episode 2: Mapping the Road to Codswallop Jazz Voleski and Haley Millstein are on their way. audio pdf
  • Episode 3: The Freeing of Willy Hubjut Dearth Hannan contemplates "Free Willy" and The Article. audio pdf
  • Episode 4: Deep in the Heart of Oshkosh, by Gosh We begin to learn how Willy Hubjut exhibited "behavior unbecoming an OK-Aggian." audio pdf
  • Episode 5: AKA Willy Hubjut More of the Willy Hubjut story, and the appearance of Tab Ularasa. audio pdf
  • Episode 6: I Guess the Sun is Over the Yardarm Tab Ularasa is seriously pixelated. audio pdf
  • Episode 7: What It Don't Get, I Can't Use Winnable Rugrot welcomes you to the Brotherly Love School for Highly Intelligent Teenagers. audio pdf
  • Episode 8: We're Only in it for the...Education? Max Klarr better come back with some trophies, and we read the latest from Stats McGillicuddy's The Conqueror. audio pdf
  • Episode 9: Hello I must be Going Mother of Mercy, is this the end of the COC? audio pdf
  • Episode 10: The Grinding Halt We came all the way to Codswallop and we don't even get a lousy t-shirt? audio pdf
  • Episode 11: Not to Mention Disneyland Paris The Luce Triplets prepare their latest Crapaud Theory case. audio pdf
  • Episode 12: Any Prince in a Storm / If It's the Smartest Kids in the Country, It's BLSHIT / Five Will Get You Ten--Trust Us on This Tina Gusset on the make, Winnable Rugrot's feet on the desk, and the Debate Parlor at the Rickroll Casino audio pdf

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